Burea d'Expertise Peyman Assassi

Energy expertises

Energy Expertises

Our energy expertises office works through the most efficient, reliable and newest equipments. For all services that we provide, our expertise is based on experience and knowledge through many years.
Analyses of any type of building, including a comprehensive and integrated system of identification and evaluation, is at the heart of our expertise. Close to you, our trained civil engineers apply their skills throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

We act concretely quickly and safely. We adopt a method offering proposals, field studies, consultations and other efforts in order to accelerate the whole process.

Our energy expertises:

How to save on your energy bills ? Calculate your energy balance ? How to obtain the energy passport ? Which heating system to use in your habitat ? What kind of energy to choose ? What type of insulation for your home ? What support for your renovation ? What to renovate ? How to check the works and when to pay ? So many questions you ask before making your energy renovation work.

Contact our specialized engineering office in order to accompany you through this whole process. Quick and without complications.

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