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When do I need an Energy Consulting?

Why an energy consulting ?

A large majority of the residential housing sector is very inefficient. Therefore they have a significant potential of improvement.

This potential shall include among others :

  1. Reducing energy needs by increasing the energy efficiency of buildings.
  2. The preferential choice of renewable energies compared to fossil fuels.

Our team of specialists performs an energy audit that allows to compile an inventory of your building from an energetic point of view.

EPA Energy identifies failures and actions to improve the energy performance of your buildings in order to achieve energy consumption reductions.

Be sure to you will realize these energy savings.

The energy consulting of EPA is certified by the public organization myenergy and is a detailed report outlining the current status of the object and studying the best technical and economical remediation options based on the calculation of profitability and on the return on investment, to offer our customers customized and detailled solutions and effective in improving the energy quality of your building and the optimum comfort of your homes. Ideal for designing passive houses and houses with a low energy consumption.

Increasing energy efficiency is not only saving energy, but above all reducing your costs! 0% of mold and 100% satisfaction!

For more informations give us a call for a meeting in our offices.

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