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Blower Door test

The blower door test

What is the blower door test or air tightness test ?

Theblower door test, also called air tightness test (measurement of the permeability to air of buildings) is a technique to control the air tightness of a building.
The method serves to detect air leaks representing an unnecessary energy consumption. The Blower Door test measures the amount of false air, or parasitic air infiltrating the habitat (not including the ventilation systems) and locates the air leaks in your property.
In order to achieve, these measures are introduced in the building and suck air continuously with a dedicated fan (see photo below) to artificially create pressure and depression of 50 Pa difference between the inside and outside the building.
This test is used in the certification and reception of “low energy consumption” houses (BBB) and “passive” houses (AAA) and serves to obtain the financial aid state and municipal funding.

EPA Energy detects your infiltrations and visualizes those using smoke or air data sensors and infrared thermography. Each pre-test and Blower Door test is followed by a detailed report each meticulously combining infiltration and compliance proposal airtightness.

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