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What is the Energy Passport?

Expertise Energy – The energy passport (CPE)

What is the Energy Passport?

The energy passport, also called energy performance certificate (CPE) or Energiepass, is a document that explains in detail over five pages about the energy quality of residential and functional buildings. During a sale, lease, after energy renovation, expansion and new construction, it is required.
The energy passport indicates the energy requirements of buildings and housings.
The considered factors used in the calculations are the size of the building, the heated surface, the energy consumption and the type of the heating system. Added to this data are the window surfaces, the surface of the outside walls, ground floor and floor against cold zones and the roof. The energy passport identifies three different energy indices : insulation class, energy performance class and performance class in terms of the CO2 emissions. The indices refer to the energy reference surface.
The energy passport is valid for 10 years from its date of issue. The issue date and the maturity date can be found on the header of the energy passport.

Contact our specialized energy expertise office in order to create your energy certificate, also known as energy passport.

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