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Subsidies for energy renovations

Subsidies for energy renovations

What are the subsidies and how high are they for an energy renovation? Who is getting these subsidies for an energy renovation ?

The renovation measures proposed in the energy consulting are subsidized by the Luxembourg State.

The financial aid for remediation measures granted for each individual measurement made on the envelope of your building depends on the achieved performance standard (level of the subsidies). The more performance it is, the higher the amount of the grant.

The subsidies for energy renovations of the thermal envelope include among others the replacement of windows, insulation of outside walls, a wall against an unheated area or against ground and roof or upper and lower parts against unheated areas or soil.

However, four conditions must be respected to be qualified for the grants for an energy renovation :
1. The energy consulting by Grand-Ducal regulation
2. The residential building must be aged over 10 years.
3. The energy consulting must be issued by a qualified expert.
4. At least one proposals for the improvement should be performed.
The diagram below shows all the possible steps in the context of our energy consulting. However it is not mandatory to strictly follow this course. This can vary depending on your needs.

Our court-sworn expert and civil engineers create your energy passport and energy consulting fast, while respecting the Grand Ducal regulation.

The investments made between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2014 based on an energy consulting made before 31 December 2012 can still take benefits while respecting the technical requirements to the existing law in 2012.

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