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Infrared thermography

Infrared thermography

Infrared thermography and detailed calculation of thermal bridges

What is an infrared thermography and why do I need a calculation of thermal bridges ?

The infrared thermography is a fast and effective way to visualize various defects of the envelope of building and of its equipments.
The infrared thermography is used in order to display general heat losses and thermal bridges in the envelope of a building.
This technique allows to control the quality of an insulation and all kind of pipes and detect heat leaks in doors and window frames.
The thermographic camera can also detect several areas with thermal bridges and thus prevent condensation causing mold growth, which can have a negative effects on the health of the occupants. Such detection is important in order to locate and minimize risks of the effect of condensation after a construction of a passive house or a house with low energy consumption.

EPA Energy detects the following problems :
– Insulation defects,
Thermal bridges,
– The leaks, air infiltration,
– Wet zones or zones being conducive to condensation areas.

This benefit is accompanied by our clear and detailed report including recommendations as part of an energy renovation.
For passive house constructions and application of a financial aid (subsidies), our sworn court-experts and civil engineers create your infrared thermography report and detailed calculation of thermal bridges in a fast way respecting the Grand Ducal regulation.

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