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Advantages Energy Passport Certificate

Gettin the Energy passport certificate (energy certificate)

Energy passport : What you need to know in order to get it

The energy passport is established in Luxembourg for the entire building and is valid for a period of 10 years.

The schedule for the continuous improvement of the energy performance of residential buildings based on the maximum index of energy expenditure (which will depend on the compactness of the building), appears in general as follows :

Selling advertisements

The Luxembourgish law also imposes a rule for the real estate sector and related to advertisements appearing in the commercial media.
Since the 1th July 2012, announcements of sales and rentals of residential buildings must indicate their energy performance class (according to the index of primary energy) and insulation (according to the index of expenditure of heating energy) of the energy passport.

The publication of these classes will basically be publicized by using one of the following two methods (to be chosen by the seller / tenant) :

  • Graphical indication on the two pre-mentioned classes.
  • Simplified indication of the classes with simply letters, like “CC”, the first letter is the energy performance class of the building and the second letter is the insulation class of the building.

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