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The thermographic diagnosis

What allows the thermographic diagnosis ?

Thermographic diagnosis for construction proceeds as follows :
• Inspection of the thermal insulation works performed by a third company: contribution of IR images and elements during your disputes or during workmanship during implementation.
• Visualization of problems or defects invisible to the eye.
• Identification of thermal bridges on junctions.
• Detection of water infiltration problems: rising damp, mold or condensation, water leakage in a recessed portion.
• Detection of anomalies on underfloor heatings, location of leaks in heating pipes, etc.
• Detecting of a malfunction on a central heating radiator: cap, mud, etc.
• Inspection of the state of insulation in new or old housing: location of absent insulations, or aging or degraded insulation.
• Verification of your insulation work in the new or old house in order to help you achieve the standards….
• Detection of a parasite air flow source, of other infiltrations and moisture that are sources of discomfort and diseases.

You can practice a thermographic diagnosis throughout the life of your home :
– When buying a property
– In a new building
– Before undertaking renovations

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